10 Signs of a BJJ Bully

Fighter Struggling In Choke Hold

  1. You must never tap. You roll like every night at the academy is the World Championships.
  2. You don’t discriminate. Women, the weak, children and the old must be mercilessly submitted as much as possible. However you are always too tired to roll stronger people.
  3. Your favorite submission is typically a kimura.
  4. You think training partners especially white belts are your food and not your friends.
  5. You’re a top guy. You have no intention of playing guard.
  6. You know that being on your back means you will inevitably be submitted.
  7. You like to make drilling techniques difficult for your partner.
  8. You like to sit in the corner before and after class not talking to anyone because you don’t come to training to make friends.
  9. Your teacher has warned you to use less power on multiple occasions but you never change your ways.
  10. You think mercilessly tapping a pure beginner 10 times in 5 minutes followed with a cocky celebration is a good days training.

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